Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Butternut squash agnolotti & grocery savings

October 9, 2013

Grocery day. Today was so much fun shopping. Last week, with the shutdown looming and the commissary going to close, I stocked up on some items (toiletries/cleaners/cheese/etc). I also still have quite a bit of veggies left from last week. I didn't need very much today. It felt like most of what I bought was fun impulse items. I gave in more than usual today because I knew I didn't need to buy much of the usual items.

My pre-challenge weekly commissary average was $175. Today I spent $4.74 on toiletries/cleaners. I bought two cans of shaving cream because I had a coupon for buy one get one free that would expire in two days. I spent $15.06 on impulse items. I got flavored potato chips, butternut squash ravioli, a small pack of Hawaiian rolls, pesto sauce, vegetarian meatballs, and pumpkin swirl bread. I spent $32.63 on food. It sure is nice having full cupboards and freezers already at home! I spent $0 on gossip magazines. I'm guessing that because of being closed for several days that they didn't get their new shipment. After adding in their surcharge and taking out my coupons, I spent $49.53 out of pocket. WHAT?! This is a savings of $125.47. The kids packed their lunches every day (plus one additional day than usual because I shopped on Tuesday last week versus my usual Wednesday) and saved $25.20. Our pre-challenge restaurant average was $80. This week we went out for Italian and used a buy one get one free meal coupon. We spent only $14. That is a savings of $66. This brings our weekly total of savings to $216.67!! Our grand total savings is $4,875.37 in 357 days! Next week I will hit one year on this challenge. I can't wait to see how much I was able to save in a year.

I went with easy for dinner tonight. I found a new pasta today. Buitoni brand. Just listen to the description: agnolotti generously filled with oven roasted butternut squash, impastata ricotta, aged parmesan & grana padano cheeses accented with amaretti cookie crumbs. Wow. I also bought a pesto sauce to go with it. I had cauliflower cut up from veggies and dip so I just added some of the cauliflower to my steamer pot. I was able to cut lettuce from my garden again today (probably the last time this season) so I opted for a side salad. I added red onion, mushrooms, carrots, and sesame seeds.

I was a little nervous about the kids and the ravioli (agnolotti). My son took a bite and said "wow, this is really good". My daughter loved them. I thought they were delicious. So delicious, that I may need to buy them weekly. Ha! I liked the pesto with it but the kids had theirs plain.

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