Friday, October 25, 2013

Grocery savings

October 23, 24, & 25, 2013

We haven't had very exciting dinners the past few nights. I came down with a virus and my hubby hasn't been able to be home for dinner. The kids have been eating a lot of sandwiches and canned soup. Ugh. I still have a slight fever but had to go out today. My son had to get a tooth pulled (infected) so I figured while I was out that I would grab a few groceries. I didn't feel like driving all the way to the commissary and fighting a crowd so I just went to a local store. Prices are a bit higher but it was worth it for me today.

My pre-challenge weekly commissary average was $175. Today I spent $17.72 on cleaners/toiletries. I spent $7.38 on impulse items (gnocchi, macaroni & cheese, and a sauce meant for pot roast but I will use on it's own). I spent $49.81 on groceries. Wow, it's pretty low I guess because I haven't felt like real food and haven't been able to cook for the kids. I spent $10.97 on gossip magazines (I think that is around what I spend for four at the commissary and this was only for three). I ended up spending $87.45 out of pocket which is a savings of $87.55. My pre-challenge restaurant average was $80. After getting groceries, I stopped at our favorite gourmet cafe to pick up dinner. I got the kids a chicken, vegetable, and gnocchi soup. I got a roasted red pepper, wine (can't remember what kind), and caramelized onion soup. I also got a cranberry muffin and a blueberry cheesecake baked good. Our soups came with her sweet rolls and slices of cracked wheat bread. Our pizza earlier in the week along with tonight's dinner was $30.29 which is a savings of $49.71. The kids packed lunches and saved $25.20. Our savings for this week were $162.46 in 8 days. Our total savings for our first year at this challenge was $5,036.79. Looks like we are off to a great start for our second year!

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