Sunday, June 16, 2013

A day of wine and risotto.

June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day! After a quick breakfast (pancakes and cereal), we headed out to a wine and food festival. We decided to eat lunch at a little local restaurant before heading in to the festival. Man, am I glad we happened to pick that place to eat. My hubby ordered a black bean burger. It was very good. I ordered a veggie burger (brown rice, oats, soy, and egg). It was delicious. I think it was the best veggie burger I've had at a restaurant. My daughter ordered a bacon and peanut butter sandwich. What? 1) weird combo 2) meat? She really liked it and said she wants to make them at home. My son just had some cereal. The owner even gave my hubby a free coffee cup to take home in honor of Father's Day. So nice! On to the festival!

We sampled so many wines. Yum. We found lots of local food products. We bought strawberry chardonnay cheddar cheese, peanut butter fudge sauce, tomato garlic dipping oil, burgandy wine seasoning, a bottle of beer that my hubby has to brew himself, habanero mustard, peach salsa, veggie chips, and no bake pina colada cheesecake mix.

This afternoon we mentioned risotto. Oh risotto. How I love you. My hubby decided to make us some mushroom risotto tonight. Oh hubby. How I love you. Ha! I asked what he wanted to have with it. We opted for a side salad. I used lettuce, spinach, japanese cucumber, green onion, and radishes all from the farmer's market. I also added in red onion, pea pods, mushrooms, and sunflower seeds. We still needed something else. Have you ever heard of a loco moco? We used to get it in Hawaii all the time when we lived there. Basically, it is rice, topped with a hamburger patty, topped with an egg covered in gravy. Well, we thought we would try our risotto topped with a fried egg. It actually worked well!

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