Friday, June 7, 2013

Soup & Roll ups

June 7, 2013

We are six weeks into our vegetarian journey. So far so good. Although there are still days where I feel like I have no clue on what to cook, which happened to be today. I stared in the fridge. I looked in the freezer. I rummaged through the cupboards. Then it hit me. Pizza. I had made a pizza-dilla (quesadilla) awhile back and decided to do it again today. I sauteed up some onion, mushrooms, green/yellow/red pepper, spinach, and garlic in olive oil and then a little local white wine. I seasoned it with adobo. I spread homemade pizza sauce (Gasp! It was my last jar!) on a tortilla. I loaded it up with my toppings along with some black olives and mozzarella cheese. I spread just a little sauce on another tortilla and put them together. I placed the pizza-dilla in a pan and just heated until the tortilla browned and the cheese melted. Yum! The kids only had half a day of school so they made sandwiches when they got home. We ran out to a garage sale and scored on some books. We got 120 like new books for $21.

Once again, at dinner I felt like I had no idea what to make for us. Sometimes it is hard to come up with a main dish made out of beans. Then the 'aha' moment. Beans just need to be involved. They don't need to be the main ingredient. I asked if the kids wanted veggie soup. My daughter said yes but my son said he wanted finger food. Hmmmm. I settled on doing soup (small bowls) along with sandwiches. But not any sandwiches. Oh no. We needed fun sandwiches. First, let's do soup....

I started out with two cans of vegetable broth. I added a little chopped onion, two chopped carrots, one celery stalk, one diced potato, and 1/2 cup quinoa. I added one bay leaf, a few shakes of oregano, salt, and pepper. After simmering for around 12-15 minutes, I added in one cup of white beans, a pint of home canned green beans, a bag of corn (frozen from farmer's market; about four ears of corn in it), a big handful of peas, 1/2 a quart of home canned tomatoes, and a handful of chopped spinach (fresh from farmer's market). For the fun sandwiches, I grabbed cucumber, carrot, celery, green onion, and spinach. I sliced the veggies very thin (just tore the spinach). I still had some leftover black beans that were processed with homemade salsa. I spread the black beans on a tortilla. Over the bottom 1/3 of the tortilla, I placed the veggies going across. I topped them with some fresh cilantro. Roll the tortilla up tightly and slice like little sushi rolls.

Dinner was a hit! My daughter said it was the best soup ever. She had seconds (as did I). My son loved the roll ups. He asked me to make more so we all had a second round of those. They had no suggestions on how to improve the soup for next time. My son said to add red onion in the roll ups. Mmmmm. That I can do. Why did I doubt myself?! I totally know what I'm doing!

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