Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Creamy stuffed peppers

August 26 & 27, 2013

I wanted a warm melty sandwich for lunch. I sauteed some onion, mushrooms, and green pepper. I also added on arugula, black olives, and mexican cheese. Mmmm. Broiler sandwiches are the way to go.

I was walking around our back yard and looked at our apple tree. It was so loaded. I decided to pick a bunch of apples and see what I could do. The apples are still very small. So small that I was wondering if it was even worth messing with. I peeled and cut up a bunch of apples until I had six cups of apples ready to go. I cooked them with 1/4 cup water. I tried to keep the sugar limited but the apples themselves were tart so I had to add a little more. I probably ended up using about half a cup of sugar. They didn't take too long to cook. The kids loved it. I was so excited that I was able to make something delicious out of those tiny apples!

My hubby had to work through dinner so we had a fend for yourself night. I had leftover pizza. The kids had vegetarian chicken wings and leftover cauliflower.

Tomorrow's job is grocery shopping. That makes today's job using up stuff out of the fridge. For lunch, I grabbed the container of black beans that were processed with homemade salsa. I put some of it on a Hawaiian roll. I had containers of chopped up onion, mushroom, and green pepper leftover from when we made pudgy pies. I sauteed the veggies and put them on my roll. I added arugula and mexican cheese. Back to the broiler!

I wanted to make a dinner that would use up more of the stuff in the fridge. I had three big green peppers. Aha. Stuffed peppers it is. I decided to try altering how I made them last time and just go with whatever ingredients I had to use. I sauteed some red onion, carrots, turnips, green pepper, and fresh garlic in a little olive oil and butter. I added in kale and local white wine. I seasoned it with garlic & wine seasoning and salt. At the last minute, I stirred in corn and cooked quinoa. I found a container of cream cheese and processed black beans in the fridge. It was leftover from when I made lasagna. Perfect. I spread some of the cream cheese in the bottom of the peppers. I stuffed them with the quinoa veggie mix. I topped them with a sauce made from tomato sauce, brown sugar, and worcestershire sauce. I had also put a thin layer of sauce under the peppers. I put habanero pepper slices on top of my hubby's peppers. I topped the peppers with cheese. A few peppers had mozzarella. A couple had mexican cheese. One pepper had cheddar cheese. The baked at 400 for about 25 minutes. For a quick side, I chopped up carrots, red onion, and cucumber. I also grabbed the green onion, arugula, lettuce, and peas for a salad. There was just a small amount of homemade applesauce left so we each had a scoop. My daughter made us a batch of her deviled eggs.

How was dinner? Everyone really liked the stuffed peppers. We agreed that we liked this recipe even better than the last time I made stuffed peppers. I love stuffed peppers. It is such a versatile dish. You can alter it and throw just about any veggie you have into the filling. Out of mushrooms? No big deal. Just add more of something else. Have leftover rice in the fridge? Use that instead of quinoa. You get the idea.

The garlic & wine seasoning really makes the deviled eggs pop. My son who really isn't a fan of eggs (in any form) asked me to buy two "boxes" of eggs tomorrow and to make them all into deviled eggs. Ha!

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