Monday, August 19, 2013

When meat eaters and a vegetarian come together

August 19, 2013

We spent the morning working around the house. The kids liked that I made a list of what had to get done versus me just asking them to go do a specific job. They were able to pick which job they wanted to do next. Lunch rolled around and I got so excited. Yep, all because I remembered that there was leftover pizza from last night. Oh man. That pizza. So so delicious. I can't wait to make it again. Caramelized onion, grilled veggie, and corn pizza is a recipe here to stay. My hubby and I finished the pizza. The kids had macaroni and cheese. We also made a big side salad out of baby kale, arugula, lettuce from my garden, green onion, carrots, cucumber, green pepper, mushrooms, pea shoots, and peas.

I had some friends over for dinner (and then a Mary Kay facial party) so I had to figure out what meal I could make for meat eaters. I settled on spaghetti. It is easy enough to add meat to theirs while keeping mine vegetarian. Then I remembered something. Awhile back I had processed a handful of black beans with some spaghetti sauce and spread it in the lasagna roll ups. No one could taste the beans. I decided to make a batch for myself. I had about a cup of black beans in the fridge. I stuck them in the food processor and added homemade spaghetti sauce. I had a pan of grass fed local ground beef and spaghetti sauce for my friends and all the kids. I topped our spaghetti with freshly grated romano (forgot until after the picture). I steamed cauliflower. I made another salad for dinner. The black bean spaghetti turned out great. I prefer the beans processed with the sauce instead of having whole beans in the spaghetti like I had been doing. Yum!

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