Sunday, August 18, 2013

This pizza tops them all

August 18, 2013

Well, it's happened. It only took two months shy of 15 years of marriage and eleventy billion homemade pizzas but we've done it. We just made the BEST pizza we have ever eaten. It tasted like something Chef Ramsey (one of our favorite t.v. personalities) would serve. Hold on to your seats. I am about to give you the ingredients for the best pizza your mouth will ever taste. Ready?!

We started off with our homemade pizza sauce. I've already given you that recipe previously so I will move on. Next, my hubby made caramelized onions. Oh wow. They are the star. He sauteed onion in olive oil and butter. He added in local white wine, salt, pepper, and brown sugar. They cooked for probably about 25 minutes. They turned out so delicious. Almost like candy. I asked him if he could make a batch of caramelized onion every weekend so we could use it throughout the week. Yep, they were that good. Next up, fresh corn from the farmer's market. I cut it off of the cob. I added the corn and some chopped fresh garlic to some butter in a skillet. I sauteed the corn and added just a little salt and pepper. I only partially cooked the corn because it would finish cooking on the pizza in the oven. My hubby's next step was to grill some veggies. Sure you could just add raw green pepper and mushrooms. Why skip a step that elevates their flavor? Don't. You will thank me later. We had some sliced black olives leftover in the fridge. We also put on some arugula. We topped the pizza with mozzarella and provolone cheeses.

I cannot begin to explain the amount of flavor going on in this pizza. The caramelized onions gave the pizza a sweetness. The grilled green pepper and mushrooms added a smoky flavor. The arugula gave a peppery/spiced flavor. The corn added to the depth of sweetness. My hubby and I both agreed that this was the best pizza we have ever made. And we've made so many variations over the years. We made slow roasted pulled pork and potato pizza. We made taco pizza. We made santa fe chicken pizza. We made sausage and mixed veggie pizza. We even ate (at restaurants) buffalo chicken, duck with hoisin, and rueben pizza. You name it. We ate it. This one still tops them all. Thankfully there are two pieces leftover so there won't be a fight at lunch tomorrow!

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