Sunday, August 25, 2013

Guess what I made today

August 25, 2013

Today was a fun food day. My hubby made us all breakfast today. He made us omelets out of sauteed onion, mushroom, green peppers, and kale. The meat eaters had ham. He also added in american cheese. We topped it with green onion and avocado. He seasoned the omelets with kosher salt, garlic & wine seasoning, and basil. Oh! I almost forgot. I was busy in the kitchen before everyone woke up. I made a loaf of bread. Very special bread. Bread that I made one of my guests (the lucky one who slept in the latest) try and guess what kind of bread it was. It took 12 guesses!

  1. Zucchini- no
  2. Maple- no
  3. Brown sugar-(yes it was an ingredient, but no)
  4. Peach- no
  5. Apple- no
  6. Cucumber- no
  7. Nuts- no
  8. Orange- no
  9. "Well, I know it's not potato". At this point, we gave him a hint. I said it is a vegetable that your wife likes.
  10. Avocado- no. Then we gave him another hint that he had eaten it in the past few days.
  11. Guacamole- no. Then his wife gave him the hint that he had eaten it on the way to my house.
  12. Aha! Sweet potato!
Ha. I'm not sure if I have ever laughed so hard eating breakfast.

My hubby and I went out on a date this afternoon. Yay! We went to TGIF for a light lunch of skillet nachos and spinach artichoke flatbread. Then we went to the movie theater.

We made a campfire and had pizza pudgy pies for dinner. We had onion, mushroom, green pepper, arugula, black olives, mozzarella cheese, and my homemade pizza sauce. The meat eaters also added in ham and pepperoni. My hubby decided that he didn't want pizza pudgy pies so he had a sauteed onion/mushroom and a buffalo hot sauce cheese sandwich.

Dessert. Oh, dessert. I may have ended up with two plates in front of me! It is the recipe for "wave your flag cake" from Kraft. You top angel food cake with jello and berries. The frosting is made out of cream cheese, cool whip, and sugar. We used raspberry jello and raspberries from the farmer's market. We also topped it with some blueberries. Yum. It is so know, so you can keep filling your face without getting too full. Ha! My kind of dessert.

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