Thursday, July 25, 2013

Loaded BLT

July 25, 2013

What a fun day! Our friend moved away seven months ago and today she came back for a visit. My hubby made us wraps for lunch. He grilled red/purple potatoes, red onion, portobello mushrooms, green pepper, cubanelle pepper, pineapple, and cayenne pepper. We also added in baby arugula, baby kale, broccoli sprouts, pea shoots, cilantro, avocado, mexican cheese, black beans processed with salsa, and ranch. Yum!

My daughter asked to make us a snack in the afternoon. My hubby had hard boiled some eggs so she decided to make deviled eggs. I peeled/washed the eggs for her and she set to work. She used miracle whip, mustard, home canned relish, salt, and pepper. Then she topped some eggs differently. Some had cayenne pepper. Some had green onion from the garden. Some had the garlic and wine seasoning from Melting Pot. Oh man. Those were amazing! That seasoning really does make everything taste great.

We got the call that my hubby was on his way home from work a few hours later. Yep. She had to make a few more eggs for daddy to try....uh, all of us to have. Ha!

We weren't too hungry when dinner time rolled around so we decided to have some BLT's. Loaded BLT's. Vegetarian style. We had vegetarian bacon, an orange tomato from the farmer's market, baby kale, baby arugula, broccoli sprouts, pea shoots, cilantro, avocado, and cucumber. I asked my hubby if he wanted to kick the sandwiches up a little bit. Of course! We sauteed red onion, garlic, and baby portabella mushrooms in some local white wine.

How have the kids adjusted to having vegetarian bacon? They were playing outside while we cooked dinner. They kept sneaking in so many times to get pieces of bacon. The last time my hubby caught them my son had a fist full. Ha! After dinner, I asked my hubby what he thought of the sauteed mushrooms and onions on the sandwich. His reply, "new level". I guess that means we'll be adding it to our future BLT's!

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