Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Back from vacation

July 9, 2013

It's time to get back to the blog. We took a vacation to go visit family and I took a step back from the blog while we were gone. To prepare for vacation, I had to clean out the fridge. I had corn on the cob so I just cut it off the cob and froze it. I read that it didn't need to be blanched if you plan on using it up quickly. I figured I could save myself that step if I used the corn right when we got back. I had part of a poblano pepper. Into the freezer it went. I had a bunch of green onions. All I had to do was chop them up and stick them in a freezer bag. I chopped up half a pack of mushrooms. I threw tinfoil around a pack of portobello mushrooms. I shredded half of a zucchini. All of my goodies went in the freezer.

I wasn't sure how the vacation would go along with us being vegetarian. It definitely made traveling a little harder. Coming across an exit with restaurant signs wasn't very helpful if we didn't already know their menu. We stopped at a Big Boy. They were very accommodating. I got an old favorite sandwich (slim jim) but had them hold the ham and add in peppers and mushrooms. My mom had me plan out what meals we would like to eat while we were home and then she altered them a bit for everyone else. One night, I planned lasagna roll ups (with spinach and mushrooms) so she also made a pan of regular lasagna with hamburger for everyone else. It was nice that we didn't feel like we were "missing out" on anything by eating vegetarian meals. We went to my husband's cousin's house for a night. His wife was great and had a vegetarian friendly bbq get together for us. She made a three bean dish that my daughter loved (I still need to get that recipe), roasted veggies (mushrooms, peppers, asparagus) that were to die for, asian ramen noodle salad, guacamole and salsa, watermelon, etc. We spent one night at The Great Wolf Lodge. I was pleasantly surprised to find a couple vegetarian options on their menu. We tried the portobello fajitas and a portobello sandwich. They were both delicious. Thank you to everyone that helped make our vacation a little easier for us!

Of course we get back to town on the day that the new policy goes into effect at the commissary. Due to the budget, they will be closed on Tuesdays (as well as Mondays). I went to a different grocery store today and grabbed milk, coffee creamer, and a couple things to get us by for today.

I decided to do an easy dinner after being outside working all day catching up on yard work. The kids both wanted peanut butter sandwiches and apples. I wanted dip. I love dip for dinner nights. I mean really. Who doesn't like cream cheese for dinner?! I layered cream cheese then black beans processed with salsa. I took the corn, poblano pepper, and green onions out of the freezer. I also grabbed some frozen red pepper. I sauteed the (thawed) corn, peppers, and garlic in a little olive oil. I spread the veggies on the dip. Next, I covered the top with cheddar cheese, mexican cheese, and the green onion. The dip baked at 400 just to warm up and then went under the broiler for a few minutes. Yum!

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