Sunday, July 28, 2013

Pizza's best topping

July 28, 2013

Our friend drove 14 hours to come visit us this week. We took her out to lunch today to a Japanese restaurant. Did we ever stuff ourselves! We hadn't been to a Japanese restaurant in quite awhile so I think we were deprived and had to order lots of items. Ha. We started off with the ginger salad. Yum. Next up was our trio of sushi. We had sweet potato rolls, avocado rolls, and cucumber rolls. My daughter had a shrimp and avocado hand roll. The kids both had a bowl of miso soup. My hubby and I both had the vegetarian hibachi lunch with rice/noodles. Our friend shared some of her sushi with us too. She ordered an asparagus, radish sprout, lettuce, cucumber, and avocado roll. So stuffed. So delicious.

About a week ago, I posted the secret to pizza. I'm sure you've all read that post (because you are all good blog followers!) but incase you missed it the secret is grilling the vegetables before you put your pizza together. We upped our pizza skills tonight. My hubby grilled red/yellow onion, green pepper, hungarian wax pepper (only for him), red/purple potatoes, pineapple, and mushrooms. We also added pizza sauce, black olives, garlic and wine seasoning from The Melting Pot, thyme from my garden, baby kale, and baby arugula. My hubby topped it with mozzarella, feta, and provolone cheeses.

I have had a slight (ok, huge) obsession with an assortment of salad greens lately. I'm not quite sure why I haven't thought to add it to pizza until now. Oh my goodness. Arugula is GROWN for pizza. Yum. I asked my hubby what he thought and he said that he wished there was more leftover for lunch tomorrow because there is only enough leftover for me. Awwww. Seeing as he let me have the leftover last week, I'll let him have this piece. Now that's love!

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