Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The secret to pizza

July 16, 2013

I spent the morning trying to weed my garden. I say trying because it was so hot and my puppy looked too cute. Ha. At least I got some of it done. I didn't feel like cooking lunch so I just ate up the pasta salad leftovers. My hubby packed leftover pasta salad and fajitas. The kids had peanut butter sandwiches.

Now for the star of the day. Dinner. Let me start by saying we love pizza. We have made a ton of homemade pizzas over the years. We have done regular pizza toppings. We have done pulled pork and potato toppings. We have done taco toppings. You name it, we probably made it. However, only today did I realize that we were making pizza wrong. Are you ready to hear the correct way to make pizza?! Grill the toppings! I cut red potatoes, red onion, green/orange/red bell peppers, mushrooms, and poblano pepper. I tossed them in olive oil and sprinkled on some garlic wine seasoning (I got two new bottles in the mail today! Yay!). I cooked them on the grill until they were about half cooked. Normally we make pizza dough in our bread machine but today I didn't take the time to do that. I bought a ball of dough and called it good. I was also out of my homemade pizza sauce so I had to use store bought. I can't wait until summer really gets going so I can make all of my sauces again! We topped the pizza with the sauce, grilled veggies, black olives, plum tomato, mozzarella cheese, and feta cheese.

Wow. After dinner, we kept saying "that was really good". A few minutes later one of us would say "that was really good". Ha. I don't know if the grilled veggies or the seasoning or the feta is what did it (maybe a combo of all three) but it was delicious. It makes sense though. Why put raw veggies on a pizza when you can top it with seasoned veggies that have the smoky flavor of grilling?! Maybe next time we will go all out and even cook it on the grill. Mmmmmm. The only problem is that there is only one piece left!!

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