Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Day of New Flavors

April 27, 2013

How did we spend our Saturday? Did we do the usual and go out to eat? Nope! Unbelievably we decided to make a vegetarian lunch at home. What? Three days in a row? I never thought this would be us but here we are.

First up was a sweet potato burger. I saw a recipe on How Sweet Eats. It was a mixture of sweet potatoes, cannellini beans (we used small white), garlic, panko, flour, egg, paprika, onion powder, salt, pepper, and cumin. The sauce for it was sour cream, maple syrup, and salt & pepper. Then it was topped with avocado. Our side dish was a recipe from Ambitious Kitchen for crunchy cashew thai quinoa salad with ginger peanut dressing. As I write this I just realized that I forgot to put cashews in. Ha. Oops. The salad had quinoa, red cabbage, red bell pepper (we also used orange and yellow), green onion, carrots, cilantro, and edamame. The dressing was peanut butter, ginger, soy sauce, honey, red wine vinegar, and olive oil. What was the verdict? My daughter said she liked the sweet potato burgers so much that she liked them even more than a peanut butter sandwich. That is a HUGE deal. She is a peanut butter junky which probably explains why she loved the quinoa salad too! My son had half of his huge burger gone before I even sat down to eat. My hubby said it was good. We both agreed that this shouldn't be called a burger though maybe more like a sandwich. Our 4th vegetarian meal in a row was a success! But how long can we keep beef/pork/poultry at bay??

Well, we kept it away for one more meal tonight! My son has been asking for a finger food meal and we settled on doing a picnic and movie tonight. Our first finger food was the leftover sweet chili dip and tortilla chips. The second food was a creamy mushroom and kale quesadilla (with cream cheese and mexican cheese; recipe from Eat Live Run). You know our deep love for chicken wings? Well, I found the next best thing. A recipe on The Curvy Carrot for buffalo cauliflower! The quesadillas were AWESOME. We all scarfed those babies down! My daughter had scarfed down two of them before I told her that it had the dreaded cooked mushrooms inside. Two dinners in a row that she ate cooked mushrooms and loved them. Weird things are happening at our house! My son asked if I could make more of them tonight. Ha, ok so that's another keeper recipe. The three of us really liked the cauliflower (my son thought they were too hot but he isn't big on chicken wings so what does he know). Evidently they were a good chicken wing substitute because during dinner my hubby said "take your fork off of here and I'll go get more chicken". Ha!!

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