Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Pulled Pork & Sweet Potato Hash

April 24, 2013

I knew that the kiddos wanted to pack their lunches today but I figured that it would entail peanut butter sandwiches. Before they came out to the kitchen, I pulled some options out of the fridge. They were able to choose between leftover beef barley soup or to eat up the last of the hotdogs or lunch meat. My son asked if he could have a snowman sandwich with the turkey. I guess snowmen are popular, even in April! My daughter made a turkey sandwich on a hotdog bun. Um, not sure why she didn't want to use bread but whatever. I don't care as long as she is using up what we have.

My hubby was home for lunch today so we had to think of something delicious to keep us out of a restaurant. BLT's was it. I started by pulling out the usual ingredients out of the fridge. Lettuce for my hubby, spinach for me, tomatoes, red onion, avocado, and bacon. Then I saw something that might work. Cilantro. We love fresh cilantro but usually only put it in mexican dishes. It was delicious!

I grabbed a couple small containers of leftover luau pulled pork out of the freezer. I wanted to use up whatever veggies were still hanging around before I get groceries tomorrow. I decided to make a dish that I had tried once before but my hubby hadn't been home to try it: who hash. I started by sauteing onion and sweet potato (cubed) in some olive oil. Next, I added in sliced mushrooms and a little bit of homemade chicken broth. I was going to make a separate side dish of spinach but decided it would go well mixed in with this dish. I added in fresh spinach and more of the broth. I covered it and let it simmer for a few minutes. I stirred in the leftover luau pork along with a little salt, pepper, and a very small amount of thyme. Most of the flavor in this dish comes from the luau pork so I didn't want to overload it with other seasonings. I saw that I still had about half a pack of the enoki mushrooms. Hmmm. Those may as well end up in here too. Ha. I added them during the last couple of minutes of cooking. I put the hash on a bed of napa cabbage (for some crunch) and topped with a few chopped green onions. Yum. My hubby enjoyed his first go at who hash. I asked what changes I should make for next time. His response? "Nothing". Yay!

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  1. this sounds delicious and something different to try. thanks for posting this up.