Thursday, April 18, 2013

Fruity island; grocery savings

April 18, 2013

The kiddos both wanted to pack their lunches again today. I can't believe they are not tired of sandwiches. They also brought cucumber and cantaloupe. Man, that was a giant cantaloupe. It felt like it lasted forever! My hubby was home at lunch time again. Uh oh. There wasn't much to choose from at home so we ended up going out to eat before we got groceries.

My pre-challenge weekly average at restaurants was $80. This week we had dinner delivered from our friends' restaurant, went out for lunch with the kids, and also had lunch out today just the two of us. We spent $71.55. That is only a savings of $8.45. Ugh. The kids did unbelievable this week at packing lunches and eating up what we had at home. They BOTH packed every SINGLE day. They saved $20.

My pre-challenge weekly average at the commissary was $175. Today I spent $26.61 on cleaners and toiletries. I spent $6.17 on gossip magazines. I guess it helps me out when they only have two of the four magazines that I like. I spent $0 on impulses. Wait, what?! And that is taking my hubby with me! I spent $92.41 on food. However, $10.88 of that is a few jars of spices. Man, the paprika my hubby likes is expensive ($4.99)! After adding in their surcharge and taking out my coupons, I spent $124.91 out of pocket. That is a savings of $50.09. This brings our savings for this week to $78.54. Sigh. Anytime it is under $100 I feel disappointed. Oh well. We still managed to save money with us eating out three times. Our grand total savings is now $3,083.34 in 183 days! Ok, that makes me feel better!

I wanted a fun snack for the kids today. I saw an idea on Pinterest. I bought some fruit today and got to work. An orange. A banana. A kiwi. What do they equal? A fruity island paradise! The kids loved it.

I couldn't figure out what I wanted for dinner so I asked the kids. My daughter asked for spaghetti. It is one of my favorites so of course I couldn't turn her down. I used local grass fed beef and a jar of my home canned spaghetti sauce. Of course I had to use cheese somewhere, right? I topped it with freshly grated romano. An easy side dish was the leftover home canned green beans.

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