Sunday, April 14, 2013

Ice Cream Waffles

April 14, 2013

What a delicious food day! I had the kids go play while I made them a special breakfast. Yes, I know. I actually "made" breakfast. Score one for mom already! I saw a fun idea on Six Sisters' Stuff. I made waffles and cut them into an ice cream cone shape. The "ice cream" was sliced bananas. The "cherry on top" was a slice of strawberry. The kids loved it! My son said he didn't want to eat it because it was too pretty. Ha. Then he dove in.

My hubby grilled tilapia for lunch. We decided to make it into tacos. I still had about half a pack of corn tortillas leftover from when I made chicken taquitos. He quickly fried the shells while I got out the toppings. I saw the leftover avocado slaw from yesterday. Ohhhh. That would go well with tilapia. I also cut up some cucumber, red onion, tomatoes, spinach, and lettuce. My hubby wanted some spice for his taco. He made a mixture of ghost chili peppers and habanero peppers (both frozen from farmer's market) and mixed it with taco sauce. What taco would be complete without finishing it off with sour cream. Yum!

For dinner, my hubby smoked salmon. I decided to do a yellow squash sauté. I started with onions in a little butter and olive oil. After a couple minutes, I added the squash. After a couple minutes, I added garlic, spinach (the rest of bag from last week), and mushrooms. I looked in the fridge and saw that I had about 2 ounces left in a jar of home canned tomatoes. In it went. Of course this sauté is only made better by topping it with freshly grated romano. I had some fruit dip that needs to be eaten up in the next few days so we had cantaloupe with dinner. I wish I wasn't so stuffed from dinner because I would totally do my part to finish the other leftovers.... angel food cake!

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