Sunday, April 21, 2013

Tofu Tacos & Parrot Bay Chicken

April 21, 2013

Finally. My hubby had a day off with all of us. We looked in the fridge to figure out what to make for lunch. Hmmm. There was half of the tofu leftover (we only used half a pack when we made Vietnamese spring rolls). I wasn't too sure how long tofu stays good for once open so I wanted to use it up today. I wanted the tofu to be in small pieces because for some reason that seems more tolerable for my hubby and me. Tofu tacos it is.

I rinsed, pat dry, and pressed the tofu. I cooked it in a little olive oil until golden brown. I added a pack of taco seasoning and some water. I'm not sure if there is a better way to do it because adding the water back to it definitely altered the texture. I wanted to hide the texture of the tofu so I had my hubby fry up the rest of the corn tortillas leftover from when we made taquitos. I knew that some strong flavors from cilantro and red onion would help to hide the tofu too. We also used mexican cheese, tomato, lettuce, avocado, taco sauce, and sour cream. Oh! A side note about avocado. I bought two avocados on Thursday. They were not even close to being ripe. I read that you could put them in a brown paper bag and it would help to ripen them. Oh wow. I took one out of the bag today, cut it in half, and could not believe what I saw. It was the ripest avocado I had ever seen. EVERY speck of avocado came out of the peel. Usually I have a thin layer stuck to the peel. Awesome trick. What did we think of the tofu tacos? My daughter thought they were amazing and had two of them. I wasn't really surprised with her though because she loves tofu. My hubby said they were good and "taco-y". They were obviously missing the meat and pretty much just tasted like the taco toppings. Hey, I'll take that. I had one taco with the crunchy corn shell and then went back for half of a soft shell taco. Can't be too bad if I went back for seconds! My son said they were awesome.

Remember awhile back we made coconut shrimp with the parrot bay sauce (like Red Lobster's)? I was craving that sauce so I thought we would try it with a simple panko crusted chicken breast. We served it with some steamed broccoli. Everyone LOVED the chicken and sauce. We all had seconds. After dinner, I made a comment that I was glad that I have to leave the house first tomorrow because then I get dibs on the leftovers. My daughter's face fell and she said, "nooooooo, I wanted to take it". It looked like she was going to cry (she actually said I might cry, although I think she was kidding) so I split up the leftovers so that we both can take a little container. Ha. That is when you know a meal is good is when you fight over leftovers.

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