Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Day of New Foods

May 9, 2013

The quinoa fruit salad was a hit with my daughter. She packed some of the leftovers for her lunch today. My son wanted (what else) than a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. My hubby packed some of the quinoa salad as well. I had the leftover mini pizzas. My daughter's friend asked her what her lunch was. After my daughter told her, the little girl said "you eat the weirdest things". Ha. I'm proud that my daughter didn't give in to peer pressure and give up her love for "weird" foods.

Our food day got a lot weirder from there. The kids had a half day of school so we went for a ride this afternoon. I took them to a little country store. It was so much fun. I'm nerdy. I like to look at food. So what. I found two fun new snacks for us. They had pumpkin seeds and honey roasted soybeans. We decided to give them a try. I also found dry split peas, dry garbanzo beans, mini bow tie pasta (the kids thought they were too cute to pass up), millet, and local honey. We tried out our new snacks as soon as we got home. My daughter and I  really liked the pumpkin seeds. They were similar to sunflower seeds (which I love). My son said he liked them a little. Next we moved on to the honey roasted soybeans. My son said "eh". My daughter liked them and said they were kind of like peanuts. I really liked them. It was a good crunchy snack.

I decided to go all out and try two new items for dinner tonight. Lentils and millet. Oh boy. My cousin had told me of how she cooks lentils. I cooked onion, celery, carrots, garlic, and baby bella mushrooms until they were about half way cooked. I added lentils, water, and half a pack of onion soup mix. As it simmered, I got the millet out. I toasted it a little in a pan before adding in the water. Two simmering pots is an easy dinner. I got cups out for the kids and asked what kind of milk they wanted. I grabbed the regular milk (cow) for my son because he had said yesterday that he preferred to have cow milk to drink but that the vanilla almond milk was good for in cereal. Surprise! He said he wanted the vanilla almond milk to drink! My daughter had the coconut milk. Wow. Look at us! Now the real test: dinner. Honestly, I wasn't too fond of the smell of the millet simmering. It just had a very strong "grain" smell to it. After a few bites my daughter chimed in "mmmmm this is really good". She devoured her entire plate and had seconds. She is looking forward to tomorrow so she can try to turn the leftover millet into an oatmealish breakfast. My son ate pretty well but when I asked him what he thought he said he didn't like  it too much. As for me? I didn't really like it either. The lentils just have a strange texture. I'm doing better getting into some beans but this just didn't do it for me. I'm willing to give both the lentils and millet another shot. Maybe they will be better in a different type of dish. I asked for suggestions on how to make the meal better (we ask this every night). My daughter said "more lentils". Ha. I should have known my little vegan would LOVE lentils. She said this is one of her favorites of our new meals.

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