Friday, May 31, 2013

The everything omelet

May 31, 2013

My daughter saw an interesting container in the fridge this morning. She asked what it was. I hesitated. Remember how I processed beans with a little spaghetti sauce and yellow squash and stirred it into our spaghetti without telling them? There was leftovers. Evidence. Ahhh! I told her oh, it is beans and spaghetti sauce. She decided to pack it along with a tortilla, cauliflower, and yogurt. My son bought school lunch today. I saw there was leftovers of the salsa corn queso dip. Hmmmm, I better do my part with leftovers right? I finished it up with tortilla chips and washed it down with a molasses cookie (yay for the opening day of the farmer's market).

It came time for dinner and we all wanted something different. My son wanted a tofurkey hotdog in Italian bread instead of a bun. He grabbed a pear and called it good. My daughter wanted a frozen chicken pot pie....minus the chicken. I was thinking about doing some type of burger but then my hubby mentioned an omelet. Oh yes! I pulled out the veggies to start chopping. After a few minutes, my hubby asked "what all are you putting in your omelet?" I said, "more like, what am I NOT putting in it"? Red onion, green onion (from the farmer's market today), spinach (also from today's venture to the farmer's market), green/yellow/red pepper, cilantro, baby bella mushrooms, oh then I saw zucchini and yellow squash. I've never put them in an omelet before but tonight is a good night to try it. I had a pot of black beans simmering on the stove so I threw a handful in there too! I also chopped tomato and avocado to top it with. My hubby seasoned the filling with the garlic wine seasoning and cooked it in some local white wine and finished it off with american cheese. Yum. Double yum. I stopped eating the egg half way through so I could fill up on the extra pile of filling on the counter. My hubby settled on having a grilled cheese sandwich. Man style. He had red onion, baby bella mushrooms, habanero pepper, scotch bonnet, provolone cheese, cheddar cheese, and muenster cheese.

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