Friday, February 8, 2013

An omelette's best kept secret (until now)

February 8, 2013

The big snow storm means no school for the kids today. This worked out great for the challenge. My son had leftover chicken stroganoff for lunch. My daughter and I had leftover lemon chicken soup. I can't believe that after one dinner and two lunches of eating it, I was sad to see the bottom of the pot. Guess I will be making that recipe again!

I needed to come up with a snack for us this afternoon. The kids really loved their snack people yesterday so I wanted to do something similar. Snowy weather makes me want warm comfort food. Yep, that means ooey gooey cheese! I had about 2/3 of a pack of cream cheese. I mixed that with two big spoons of sour cream to thin it out a bit. I had half a jar of our homemade pizza sauce in the fridge. I mixed half of it in with the cream cheese and sour cream. I spread the mixture into a pie plate. I topped it with the other half of the pizza sauce. Next up, cover it all with mozzarella cheese. Now for the fun part. I needed a face. I sliced mushrooms for the eyes, nose, and ears. I used pepperoni for the mouth and pupils. I used spinach for the eye brows and mustache. My kids have a slight, ok large, obsession with mustaches. I figured this would be an awesome way to get them to eat the spinach because I figured they would want to eat the mustache. Ha. I finished our pizza face off with some green onion (frozen from my garden) for hair. I stuck it in the oven at 375 until the edges were bubbly. I served it with tortilla chips (for my daughter and I) and with leftover pita bread (for my son). It was a hit! And I was totally right about the mustache.

I wasn't sure what I wanted to make for dinner. After snow blowing, I was tired and didn't feel like putting much effort into dinner. We saw a commercial for breakfast, and we all said "oooooooh". Ha. Perfect, breakfast it is.

The problem being: I'm not good at breakfast foods and my hubby is working tonight. Please turn out! My son wanted french toast. He likes it if you mix a little flavored coffee creamer in with the egg (and of course vanilla and cinnamon). I topped it off with a little powdered sugar and some of my father in law's homemade maple syrup. My daughter and I couldn't decide if we wanted fried eggs or an omelette (called a mom-lette in our house because I love those things!). My daughter said, well how about both? Ha. That's my girl. I made an onion, mushroom, spinach, and cheese omelette. Do you want to know the secret ingredient that will turn any omelette into the best omelette ever?! Basil. You can thank my hubby for that little tid bit. I'm not sure how he discovered that but he started making me them with basil and I have been hooked on his secret ingredient ever since. I made a couple fried eggs and toast. While I was cooking, the kids got busy with our side dish. They peeled and chopped an orange, banana, strawberries, and grapes and we mixed it with some strawberry cream cheese dip. It was all so delicious. How did my daughter react to an omelette with cooked spinach and mushrooms (two items she claims to not like) in it? She took a bite and said "ooooh, this is really good". After a few minutes, I noticed her picking at the mushrooms. Ugh. I guess it's mind over matter. Maybe next time, I will chop them up smaller so she won't see them. How did I do with the fried eggs? Ok, so maybe I popped the yolks a little. But I will still consider this a breakfast success.

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