Tuesday, February 26, 2013


February 26, 2013

Today worked out pretty well, challenge wise. My son packed his lunch. My daughter didn't want to but made a deal that she would pack tomorrow. My hubby didn't pack his lunch. Uh oh. However, I came to the rescue. After running some errands, I stopped to pick up the free pizza I won (guessing correctly for the coin toss of the Super Bowl). I brought the pizza and had lunch with my hubby at work.

The kids ate up the leftover brownie dip after school. I had my hubby grill up some local lamb chops for dinner. I sauteed some zucchini, yellow squash, onion, and mushrooms. Normally we add a tomato to this sautee but I didn't have any. Oh! I found 1/4 pint of home canned tomatoes in the fridge. That'll work. We also normally finish it off with parmesan cheese but tonight we tried it with feta. It was good but didn't look too pretty because it didn't melt all the way. The sautee was seasoned with salt, pepper, and basil. I was about to grab either some rice or pasta to make as a side. However, good thing I looked into the fridge first. Geez. There was leftover quinoa with corn. Leftover plain white rice. Leftover black beans and rice. Leftover egg noodles. Uh yeah. Time for a side dish buffet of leftovers. Everyone picked what side they wanted. Also, the kids aren't big fans of the zucchini dish so instead they had some of the leftover chopped veggies from salmon tacos (carrots, celery, and cucumber). I guess one way to use up leftovers without feeling like you had "leftovers" is to make a new dinner but one part of the dinner is a recycled side. No one complained about having rice/pasta that needed to be used up.

We finally checked the mail tonight on our way home from the kids' activities. Score! I got a coupon in the mail for a free 2 liter of Pepsi Next. A good challenge day indeed!

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