Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Corrected grocery savings;laughing lettuce

February 6, 2013

Exciting news! I totally made a mistake yesterday when figuring out my grand total of savings. Can you believe that I forgot to add in last week's total to my ongoing list? Oops! My actual grand total savings is $2,005.36 in 111 days!! I hit my $2,000 mark!! Yay!

My son packed his lunch again today ($2 savings). I finished up spaghetti and cauliflower leftovers.

I wanted to make a snack this afternoon. I had half a can of pink beans leftover from when I made chili. Hmmmm pink bean dip it is. I blended together the beans with two heaping spoons of sour cream and a few shakes of taco seasoning (from that packet I opened and have used twice already).
Then I chopped up some onion. I grabbed the bag of spinach. It worked out well "hiding" the spinach in the lemon chicken soup yesterday. I thought maybe I could get away with it again. I chopped some up and hid it in the next layer.
Then I chopped up some romaine lettuce to hide the spinach along with a half a tomato I had leftover in the fridge. Top it off with some mexican cheese. 
I wanted a quick dinner for tonight. I took the marinated teriyaki pork tenderloin and stuck it in the oven. Up next, an easy side. How about a salad. I had a ton of veggies. I used romaine lettuce, spinach (hidden of course), mushrooms, pea pods, red onion, cucumber, and carrots. I made faces on our plates. We couldn't decide if we should name them happy greens or laughing lettuce. Ha. The kids enjoyed it so much that after finished their plates they made themselves each another face. And never once did they say anything about spinach being in their meal. Wohoo! That is three times this week that I hid spinach on them. And they say they don't like it. Sure kiddos.
Last night, I was craving brownie dip, but I was afraid the food chopper would wake up the kids. You can be sure that I didn't let today go by without making a batch for me to fill my face with tonight! I improved on my recipe and added some chopped chocolate inside the dip this time. Yum.

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