Sunday, February 17, 2013

Fend off temptation

February 17, 2013

This challenge has saved us a lot of money. Yes, I'm keeping track of how much money I am saving on groceries and restaurants. However, there has been a change in our view of priority spending. We don't go out shopping just for fun very much anymore. We limit our trips into town. On days that I do shop, I find myself thinking "do I really need this?". It is harder to keep track of that kind of saving but I have certainly noticed quite a difference. After cutting back on our spending for so long, I felt the need to splurge today. Well, half splurge. Ha.

I told the kids that we would go see a 3d movie at the theater. In order for us to go, we had to eat leftovers for lunch prior to leaving. Score number one.

After the movie, I once again didn't feel like making dinner. Geez, hope this isn't going to become a habit. I was tempted to get some take out to bring home. We settled on a "fend for yourself night". We used to have them growing up and I loved them. It usually meant that I was having noodles (my favorite). Tonight, I was craving mini pizzas. Remember a few weeks ago I was going to buy a can of crescent rolls, but saw that I could get four cans of biscuits for 20 cents less than one of crescents? Well, that last can was hiding in my fridge. Spread the biscuits out a little and they are the perfect mini pizza crusts. I topped them with homemade pizza sauce, onion, mushrooms, black olives, pepperoni (leftover from the pasta salad I made for the potluck), and mozzarella cheese. Even though the kids didn't want any pizza tonight, I made a few of them with just the toppings they like so that they would be more likely to eat leftovers tomorrow. Ha.

My son wanted to make himself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. My daughter wanted macaroni and cheese. Seeing as it was just her eating it, I asked her if we could save the box for another day and instead have her try a single serve macaroni homestyle. I had gotten a great coupon for that item and I think I only paid about 25 cents for it. It is only a good deal if you end up actually using the product right?! My daughter said it was ok to make it. Score number two. The kids wanted a grapefruit and fancy cut carrots for their sides.

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