Friday, February 15, 2013

Grill away the wind chill

February 15, 2013

The kids both decided that they wanted to buy school lunch today. I checked their account balances. Oh my gosh. My son had not purchased school lunch since January 29th! Good job boy.

I went to a local bakery which also sells beef and lamb from two local farmers. I got some ground beef, tenderloin steak, and lamb chops. I asked if he had any focaccia bread. Remember I got it a few weeks ago and my kids fell in love with it. They thought it was very pizza-esque. Sure enough, he had some still in the brick oven. Yum. I waited until it came out and then drove the half hour home in torture. It smelled so amazing that I couldn't wait to get home.

I didn't want any heavy sauces for dinner. Who cares if it is winter and feels like only 21 degrees outside. I'm grilling! I grilled up some mesquite marinated chicken breasts. I also made a mixture of green pepper, onion, mushrooms, carrots, and zucchini. I seasoned the veggies with salt, pepper, adobo, and thyme from my garden. Tossed the veggies in a little olive oil and they were all set. I made a side of chicken rice a roni and served the chicken with my favorite teriyaki sauce. Simple and delicious.

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