Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Vittles

February 14, 2013

Who knew that Valentine's Day would help out the challenge? My daughter was going to buy school lunch today because it is an item she likes (oven baked chicken). However, once I gave the kids their presents, she decided to pack lunch. She wanted to bring her valentine cookie pop. I made the kids a heart sandwich (peanut butter and pb&j), added some fruit, yogurt, and their cookie pops. They grabbed a juice and they were all set. I decided that I would do my part too and had leftover ham and potatoes and cauliflower for lunch.

We have a potluck dinner tonight for cub scouts. There is also a cake/dessert raffle. For the potluck, I decided to keep it simple and make a pasta salad. I had some of the ingredients at home already so I didn't need to buy all of it. I used rotini pasta, italian salad dressing, onion, celery, green pepper, black olives, pepperoni, and provolone cheese. I was going to put cherry tomatoes in it but I forgot to buy them. Oh well. I'm not running to the store, the salad will be fine without them.

Last year, my hubby made the cake for the raffle. He made the "lion" (the level my son was last year) emblem. It was awesome and of course his cake had the most raffle tickets. He is still working crazy shifts so this year the cake is left up to me. Uh oh. I'm not very good in the cake department. I settled on cupcakes. Kids love candy so I figured that I would cover them in candy in hopes to get them to want my cakes. I spelled out "cub scout pride" with valentine heart candies. I had some cupcakes leftover so I decorated them for my kids. They got one with peanut butter m&m's. The extra cupcakes were baked with a marble in the pan next to the cupcake liner in order to make it bake into a heart shape. The kids thought that was cool. The other extra cupcakes were decorated with more valentine candy hearts. Just a tip: kids love to have messages on their food. You could spell out "love" or their names.

The kids requested a fun after school snack. I did some looking online and decided on using a hotdog and string cheese to make a heart and arrow. Once again, kiddos enjoyed their snacks.

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