Saturday, February 9, 2013

Dinner negotiations

February 9, 2013

Today was an easy day. Well, I should say an easy cooking day. Waking up to 7 more inches of snow (after 6 yesterday) and my snow blower being broken really wouldn't classify as easy.

We went to a birthday party this afternoon and boy did we pig out. There were three kinds of chicken wings, mini hotdogs in crescent rolls (oh how I love those things), veggies and dip, fruit, cheese and crackers, and cake.

After running a few errands, I asked the kids if they wanted to pick up a sub sandwich on the way home for dinner. I figured that seeing as my hubby is working tonight, I could feed all of us with a $5 footlong. Only problem is that my daughter didn't want a sub. She has been wanting chinese for a long time and I never feel like getting it. So I brought out my excellent negotiation skills. I told the kids that my son and I could share the sub (subs are his favorite) and we would then stop at the chinese place and get a take out container of the buffet for my daughter. The catch is that they both would have to pack lunches at least three times this coming week. Ha. They agreed.

A footlong was perfect because they will cut it in half for you and then we both got to choose what ingredients we wanted on our half. My son was pretty basic: turkey, shredded cheese, lettuce, and pickles. I had turkey, provolone, spinach, cucumber, tomatoes, red onion, and banana peppers. Even though we "splurged" and got take out food, we still made it frugal by not adding on extras. Do we want to add on chips or a drink? No thank you! We brought our sub home and plated it up with some chips we already had opened at home and some homemade pickles. My daughter stuffed herself with all the chinese food she could handle....ok, I helped her out with a little. The egg roll was awesome! She had also chosen white rice, lo mein noodles, chicken and broccoli, honey bbq chicken, sesame chicken, sweet and sour chicken, donuts, and shrimp.

After falling into a food coma for awhile, I woke up to my son asking for dessert. Hmmm. There was still some brownie hummus dip and cinnamon graham crackers. It amazes me that hummus will quench the kids' desires for dessert. So awesome.

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