Monday, December 10, 2012

A SUBstitute for fast food

December 10, 2012

Today was an easy food day for me. I was invited to a "brunch" so I didn't need to worry about making lunch. My son wanted to take a turn making dinner tonight seeing as my daughter cooked yesterday.

My hubby cut up some red onion and baby cucumber. He got out the rest of the ingredients for my son. Subs were made using up the four feet of sub rolls I got that was marked down to 98 cents! There was turkey, ham, swiss cheese, muenster cheese, guacamole, and miracle whip. For lettuce we used the leftover salad from the other night. There was still a little bit of mushrooms, carrots, and cucumber mixed in with it. My son had fun spearing some homemade pickles out of the jar. I looked around for another side dish. I always seem to have random bags of chips that I just have to buy but then never feel like eating once I get it home. There was a bag of loaded baked potato flavored chips. That'll work.

If you need an easy dinner meal, don't forget that you can recreate your favorite sub sandwiches. Had I told my kids that we were eating sandwiches for dinner, they probably would have complained that they didn't feel like it. However, because I presented it as a "subway" night and let my son "cook", then they were both so excited for it.

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