Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Recipe redemption

December 25, 2012

Mornings are not meant for cooking. They are supposed to be filled with coffee, half open eyeballs, and snuggles on the couch. Hence why I decided to try something new for Christmas morning. I wanted to put together a baked french toast recipe (topped with flour, brown sugar, and butter) using the leftover candy cane bread last night, stick it in the fridge, and then it would be ready to bake in the morning. Ugh. Failure. I cooked it for almost double the suggested time and it still was completely raw. But, look at how pretty and festive it would have been! My hubby cut a slice out and tried to fry it in a pan. Still awful. We had to throw it out. Hubby to the rescue and he made regular french toast out of some more of that candy cane bread. How have we not finished that thing yet?!

I love holiday lunches. We usually don't want a big lunch so that we will be able to stuff up at dinner. I like snacky foods to just pick at. We had shrimp cocktail and cheese/sausage/crackers.

We tried to make a beer cheese dip for pretzels. The recipe called for cheddar cheese but I needed it for a dish for dinner so I used mexican cheese instead along with cream cheese, miller lite, garlic powder, hmmmm that may have been it. I don't think we will make it again. It was missing something and just not what we were expecting. Ugh. Two failure recipes today.

On to dinner. My hubby made a beautiful ham with cloves and fresh pineapple. We had homemade pickles and black olives. He made another batch of bacon wrapped asparagus and put a little brown sugar on them. We made au gratin potatoes from scratch for the first time. Ahhh another new recipe. I can't believe I am trying out new recipes when I have company over. Potatoes, cheddar cheese, onion, milk, flour, and butter. They turned out great! Wohoo! Recipe redemption. I also made green bean casserole out of home canned green beans. I used up the last of my french fried onions. I also heated up some corn from the farmers market (that I froze). Dinner rolls finished us off....until dessert. I put out the tray of homemade candies and truffles from my sister. I also put out a platter of the leftover goodies that we made: ritz cookies (stuffed with peanut butter and dipped in chocolate), almond roca, and chocolate covered pretzels. I think we are all set for some really great creative meals with our leftovers. Can't wait!

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