Friday, December 14, 2012

When you leave dinner choices up to the kids...

December 14, 2012

My hubby was off of work today and the kiddos had school. Uh oh. That usually means a lunch date. We actually did good today though. We bought a coupon book from our kids' school fund raiser during the fall. One of the coupons was for a free burrito at Moe's when you buy a burrito. I guess burritos are it for today. It was delicious (and huge) and free (well, mine was). Wohoo!

After lunch, we heard about the tragic school shooting in Connecticut where 28 people were killed, most of them being young children. It really made us want to make tonight special with our kids. You never know what could happen to them. We played their favorite board game. We let them choose everything for dinner. My daughter asked for fried fish. My hubby made tilapia. My son asked for an orange. Um, ok buddy. He couldn't come up with anything else so we just chose some of their favorites: macaroni and cheese and "papa beans". Papa beans are home canned green beans from my parent's garden. Some how I guess they taste better than mine. Ha. I asked the kids how they wanted them and they said sauteed in butter with some chopped cashews on top for crunch. You got it. I let them choose their drinks (which they always have to drink milk at dinner). My son asked for chocolate milk and my daughter asked for orange juice. Wow. Nice choices guys!

Dessert was awesome two-fold. One, it was something that the kids got to make by themselves. They had a great time. Two, it was all ingredients that I had laying around. We used to make chocolate covered strawberries quite often. We haven't in a long time but I did still have a container of melting chocolate in the cupboard. I also had a ton of single serve bags of pretzels. I had bought a bag of 30 single serve packs during Halloween time. They went on sale because the outside package had a jack-o-lantern on it. Regular price was $3.63 but I can't remember what the sale price was. Anyway, I got a good deal on them. Ok, last ingredient was sprinkles. My friend who owns an ice cream shop sent our kids sprinkles earlier this year. I was able to scrounge some up still in the cupboard. My hubby melted the chocolate and then the kiddos got to work.

Not too bad of a start to my hubby's vacation. However, I'm a little nervous about how much money we will end up spending on going out to eat. Stay strong! Cook at home, cook at home, cook at home.

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