Friday, December 21, 2012

They ASKED for leftovers

December 21, 2012

We started a tradition a few years ago. We let the kids open one present from family each day for a week prior to Christmas. They appreciate each gift more. They remember who each gift is from. Also, less toys get broken because it isn't a room full of presents being opened and left on the floor at once. Yesterday, the kids opened new lunch boxes. Well, they are cute little tin ones that I thought they would like to keep "stuff" in. They begged to pack their lunches today. Ha. They used their new lunch boxes and my son packed a sandwich and my daughter packed leftover homemade clam chowder soup.

My hubby and I went out for lunch. Although we did go to a restaurant that my friend is half owner of, so I don't feel so bad about spending money and supporting her. :)

We didn't know what we were going to make for dinner until it was time to hurry up and cook. We have Christmas caroling tonight for boy scouts so it had to be quick. My hubby flattened out some chicken breasts. He seasoned them with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and my homemade onion powder (from dehydrated green onion from my garden). He sauteed them in a pan and then set them to the side. He sauteed onions, crushed garlic, and mushrooms in some butter. Then he added milk & cornstarch, sour cream, and a small container of leftover chicken broth that I had in the fridge. I steamed some broccoli. I asked if he wanted some pasta or rice and he said "let's just have some of the leftover candy cane bread". Done. A nice easy night. We knew we had to do a little cooking today because of what's in store for tomorrow....but you'll have to wait until then to find out.

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