Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I yam what I yam

December 4, 2012

I had a post-flu check up this morning so I grabbed something quick to eat before I left (more leftover pizza). After my appointment, I headed out for some more Christmas shopping. Uh oh. Hungry again! I  decided to browse the deli section. Oh man, they had little turkey pinwheel sandwiches. I love those things. It looked so good. I picked it up. I put it back down and quickly walked away! I made that my last stop for the day and headed home for a pick-me-up of noodles and tomato sauce.

I found a recipe for orange shrimp. The sauce has soy sauce, ketchup, orange juice, honey (I used local honey), and garlic. It also called for rice wine vinegar. I didn't have any. Should I run to the store? Nope. Make due with what you have. I had red wine vinegar. The recipe only called for one tablespoon of it; how much difference would one tablespoon make? In went the red wine vinegar. It also called for dried chives. I had some green onions that I had dehydrated from my garden. Close enough. I had one giant sweet potato. My son kept getting mad anytime we said sweet potato. He wanted to call it a yam. I think they had talked about yams at school around Thanksgiving. Ha, poor boy. It just made it more fun to keep saying sweet potato each time he would yell "No! It's a yam!"By giant, I mean that once it was sliced up, it filled two 12x18 cookie sheets! (Ok, so 12x18 is a guess on the size, but you get my drift!). I decided to season them up three different ways. All of them got olive oil, salt, and pepper. One pan also got ginger. The other pan I split up and did half with garlic and half with cayenne pepper. Hmmmm what else? Well, I am only a couple days out from grocery shopping so I should use up random veggies from the fridge. When I think of using up veggies, I usually do a stir fry. However, don't forget about a nice veggie salad. I had romaine lettuce, red onion, mushrooms, tomato, and carrot. I topped mine with some sunflower seeds. Yum!

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