Saturday, December 8, 2012

When food is so good, you lose your memory...

December 8, 2012

We had to run errands early this morning so we ended up going out to breakfast. After we ate, the kids were each given a free chocolate chip cookie (which I'm holding hostage). The waitress also gave us a coupon for a free kids breakfast for a future visit. Not so bad a breakfast! We stuffed up so much that we didn't even end up eating lunch.

We had some friends over for dinner. Hmmm what to make. My hubby grilled some chicken thighs. He used up two bottles of marinade that we had: teriyaki and spicy mango. Yum. I made oven parmesan potato chips (basically potatoes sliced thin brushed with butter, salt, pepper, onion powder, and paprika then topped with freshly grated parmesan cheese). I decided to make a salad. In went romaine lettuce, red onion, mushrooms, tomato, carrots, and baby cucumber. I made a batch of homemade croutons. Man those things are so easy to make and sooo delicious. Served with a side of cauliflower and veggie dip and bacon wrapped lil' smokies (cocktail hotdogs). For dessert, I made a repeat recipe. Remember when I wanted to use up a can of pie filling? Well, I made those homemade brownies again but this time I put strawberry pie filling in the batter. I had to put it in our food processor to make it smooth. Topped the brownies with a spoonful of extra pie filling and some cool whip. I've really started to like making dessert from scratch. Most recipes use the same basic ingredients. Many times I have had the ingredients on hand and didn't need to wait until shopping day to get what I needed. Our friends brought over a fruit platter and a variety platter of cheesecake. We are stuffed. The food was so good that I forgot to take a picture of our dinner plates! Ha. You would think that by 52ish days in that I wouldn't forget. So tonight, I leave you with just a picture of dessert. But hey, that's what matters most right?!

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