Saturday, December 29, 2012

Taco twos-day

December 29, 2012

A day with errands in the plans usually spells trouble for our challenge. Would we spend a lot at a restaurant? We knew we would be eating lunch a little later than normal so we grabbed a little bite before we left home. I had more of the ham chowder. Man, that stuff is so delicious. I'm almost not tired of it. Almost. I popped the rest of the ham into the freezer. My hubby had a hotdog.

After running some errands, we started to think about lunch. Then I remembered about the coupon book that we bought from the kids' school fund raiser this fall. There must be a coupon in there for us to use for lunch. Sure enough. There were two coupons for Moe's. Perfect. The kids both ate for free. My daughter's order surprised me though. She wanted to try a tofu taco (both the kids started liking tofu last year at Japanese restaurants). As the lady is asking what toppings to put in, I said no to the beans. My daughter corrected me and said, "yes can I have black beans"? WHAT?! Worldly tastes for a 9 year old. Can't complain for all of us to go out for lunch and only spend $15. Wohoo!

Next up was to use another coupon out of that book. I wanted to try a local bakery that I hadn't been to. I had two coupons for it. One coupon was buy a loaf of bread and get one free. The other coupon was buy a giant cookie and get one free. So be it. Who am I to resist a giant free cookie?!

After playing outside in yet more snow, I came inside to get dinner started. I heated up a slice of the new bread and put a little butter on it. I cut it into four and had everyone try a piece. I couldn't believe it. Both kids liked it. It was whole wheat. Normally they will eat wheat if I buy it, but they prefer anything but wheat. Ok, back to dinner. Hmmm what to make. Even though it isn't Tuesday, it's gonna be taco 2sday. I had tortillas that are close to being thrown out. There was one head of romaine lettuce from last week that needed to get used up. As we were eating, my daughter said "tacos for two meals in one must be swirling around in heaven". Ha. We had local ground beef, romaine lettuce, onion, homemade salsa, taco sauce, sour cream, guacamole, and a queso cheese. I made a side of mexican rice. There was 1/2 cup of rice left in the bottom of the bag. The recipe calls for one cup but I figured that half a batch would just mean that we won't have a ton of leftovers so I didn't bother to open the new bag. It turned out a little drier than normal, not sure if it is because I had to halve the ingredients so maybe some of it wasn't measured accurately (half can of tomato sauce). Anyway, strange outcome to the rice is that my daughter said "hey mom, this is good" and ate all of her portion. Strange because she has never liked that type of rice before.

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