Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Super Supper: Salmon, Squash, & Salad

December 12, 2012

Today was a great challenge day. My son asked me if I could make snowman sandwiches for the kids to take to school for lunch. This actually worked out perfect because it is the day prior to grocery shopping so this used up the rest of the bread. However, when I was getting out the accessories for the snowman I noticed that I didn't have any more black olives for the eyes/buttons because I had used them up in tacos earlier in the week. My hubby spotted some mini cinnamon baking chips. Perfect. A little snip of carrot for nose and little pretzel arms. Snowmen to go. :) The kids were the hit of the lunch room today. I packed my hubby a lunch of leftovers. He wasn't home for dinner last night so he got to try the maple/mustard pork chops today. He said it was delicious! I was invited to have lunch out today. Wohoo for free lunch!

My son asked me if I could make acorn squash tonight. I wasn't too thrilled about using maple syrup two nights in a row (ugh, sugar overload), but when a kiddo asks for a "weird" vegetable, how do you say no? You don't. I baked our home grown acorn squash (man that thing was huge! So huge I broke my knife) with some butter, brown sugar, and a little of my father in law's homemade maple syrup. My hubby grilled some salmon. Yum. The boys ended up using the leftover maple/mustard sauce on their salmon tonight. Next up, salad. Tomorrow is grocery day so I wanted to use up random veggies. I used romaine lettuce, the last of the carrots from the farmers market, the end of the pack of mushrooms, red onion, mini cucumber, and homemade croutons (I forgot to put them on my plate in time for the picture). I saw an avocado that should be used up. Hmmm. How about a salad dressing? I made homemade creamy avocado salad dressing. Ok Ok. So I put an avocado in the food processor along with some ranch dressing. Ha. Everyone really liked it.

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