Sunday, March 17, 2013

A good wife always has bacon

March 17, 2013

This morning began with a laugh. My son finished up his "cinnamon toast crunch" box of cereal. You know, the box where I filled it with the off brand version. He asked me if I could go shopping on Tuesday this week instead. I said, no, I go when I go. I told him that he needs to pace himself and a couple of days each week he needs to eat something else for breakfast. His reply? "Why don't you just hide it from me and then I won't know I have it?" Ha! I looked at my hubby, laughed, and said "boy, I have something to tell you". I got out the off brand bag (it was two boxes worth of cereal so I had hid the other half until he would get it this coming week). I explained to him that it was just a different company that made it but it is cheaper. I reminded him that he had just finished off a "box" of this cereal so he didn't even notice a difference in taste.

We ended up going to our friend's restaurant for lunch. My hubby had a fish sandwich. My son had already had some noodles and meatballs at home so he wasn't hungry. Also, my daughter and I shared an order of chicken wings so the bill wasn't bad at all. Plus, we had a few wings leftover so she is excited to pack them for lunch.

It came time for dinner and we had no plan. Nothing sounded good. We didn't really feel like cooking. A quick look in the fridge showed me a few things. We had bacon. A good wife always has bacon. Ha.  We had avocado and tomato that needed to be used. We always have lots of bread that gets difficult for us to use it all. Blast-o! Bacon lettuce avocado spinach toast and (red) onion sandwiches. My hubby made the bacon while I prepared everything else. I figured that we would only use about half of the avocado. I put the other half in the food processor with a few spoons of sour cream. This way if we get in the mood for nachos later (I say "if" haha) then we will be all set for the toppings. I asked my daughter what toppings she wanted. At first she said just lettuce and bacon. After a couple seconds, she said "I'll have both lettuce and spinach". What?! I guess hiding spinach in so much of her other food and then later revealing that she had loved those dishes really worked out! You know the nights where after dinner is all said and done and you wish you had just sat down so you could eat those delicious flavors again? Yep, tonight is that night.

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