Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Healthy nachos

March 5, 2013

Tomorrow looks like grocery shopping day. So that means that today's job is to use up leftovers and make room for all the new stuff. For lunch, I ate some leftover lemon chicken soup. My daughter had a little of the soup along with some leftover rice.

I wanted to make a fun snack for when my son got home from school (my daughter stayed home today). I saw that we still hadn't touched the big box of strawberries that I bought last week. We also had some bananas that had to get used up. Oooooh! I also found some small containers of mango. Oh yes. This is happening. Strawberry banana mango smoothies. Yum! A new favorite.

My hubby had to work through dinner (yay he packed leftovers to take with him) and I didn't feel like cooking so I figured we would use up more of our leftovers. I pulled several choices out of the fridge and let the kids pick what they wanted. My son had balsamic chicken, a tortilla, cantelope, and strawberries. My daughter chose lasagna. I had some frozen so I just stuck it in the microwave and did auto defrost. She still doesn't have much appetite so I think she just managed one strawberry with her lasagna. Ok, so here is where it gets weird....

I wanted to use leftover pulled pork for my dinner. What should I do with it? Mmmm nachos. That's not so weird. But when I looked back in the fridge and saw a container of leftover steamed cauliflower, yeah, for some reason my mind thought this would work. I heated up some pork. I heated up cauliflower. I topped tortilla chips with the pork and cauliflower. I grabbed some green onion out of the freezer (from my garden). On it went. Next, I wanted something cool on top. Sour cream. Oh wait. I have an avocado. Yes! I used my food processor to make a puree of avocado with just a little bit of sour cream mixed in. I think I only added one scoop of it; just enough to help thin the avocado so it would process nice and smooth. I set the avocado/sour cream to the side and cut up some pepper jack cheese to put on the nachos. I popped the pan under the broiler for a few minutes until the cheese got bubbly. Then I topped it with some of the avocado/sour cream. So, how did my weird nachos work?! They were awesome! I think that as long as you have other strong flavors (my pulled pork and avocado) then the cauliflower is masked. You can indulge in gooey nachos and you are still getting your veggies!

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