Friday, March 22, 2013

Beer bread and brownies

March 22, 2013

My daughter wanted to buy school lunch today. I guess she couldn't pass up a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup. That's ok. She packed a lot this past week. My son packed his other lunchable. I forgot to mention that the $1 lunchable he picked out was a double pack!

I wanted to make some type of snack for us today. I looked in the cupboard and saw a box mix for garlic beer bread. The leftover avocado salad dressing that I made yesterday made a good spread to go with our bread. The garlic beer bread got mixed reviews. Some of us like the regular beer bread better. Some of us like the garlic better.

I wanted to make a dessert for us. I figured that I would try using yogurt somehow seeing as I have a huge container of plain yogurt. I had bought it to make the avocado dressing with but the container is still over 3/4 full. I read that you can replace oil with either apple sauce or yogurt. I made brownies and replaced the oil with plain yogurt. What did everyone think? My son liked them but said he rather them be less cakey and thicker. My daughter said best brownies ever. I'm picky with brownies. To me, it is hard to find the right texture. These tasted good (I think the yogurt was a success) but I think I need to try a different brownie recipe next time. My hubby said they were good but not the right texture. I'm still calling them a success for hiding the yogurt.

Ok, I reached my cooking limit for the day. Time to go out to our friend's restaurant. Yes, again. Happy Weekend!

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