Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Banana split fake out

March 19, 2013

The kids kept the momentum going for this week. My daughter packed ramen, yogurt, and crackers. My son packed pasta and an apple. My hubby packed the leftover pork loin, hawaiian rolls, and leftover broccoli. There was actually no leftovers for me for lunch. I decided to do the next best thing. I used up a box of pasta roni that has been in the cupboard for awhile.

I noticed that we still had cocoa crispies cereal. Hmmmm. I also had two individual packs of pretzels and a medium snack size bag too. Oh yeah, I know where this is going. Time for some homemade cereal bars. I love these things!

I made beef tips for dinner. I made these a few months ago. I had used a can of beef broth, a can of cream of chicken soup (because I was out of mushroom), and a packet of onion soup mix last time. I didn't have the onion soup mix today. It was probably a good thing though because even though it was delicious, it was a little salty last time. Today I just seasoned up the local beef (stew) with adobo and onion powder. I put it in the slow cooker with the broth and cream of mushroom soup and let it go on low for about 8 hours. My hubby made some jasmine rice to go with it. I took some of the sauce and thickened it with cornstarch mixed with water. I will be going to the grocery store soon (whenever the snow storm lets me) so I wanted to use up veggies that I will be buying again. There was a little bit of kale and a little spinach. I sauteed onion and garlic and then added the kale and spinach. After a couple minutes, I added a little bit of water to help them steam and then seasoned it with adobo, pepper, and kosher salt.

I didn't think the kids would want the kale/spinach sautee so I looked for something else for them. Aha. I had a box of strawberries that we hadn't even touched yet. There was also some bananas that no one seems interested in eating. I knew I had to make it more fun than just saying "hey can you guys eat up this fruit that is about to go bad". I settled on "banana splits". I cut a banana in half lengthwise. I put half of each on a plate. I topped the banana slice with strawberries and then drizzled some chocolate on top. The kids walked in and said "ooooooh, why did you use a banana"? I told her that I just wanted to be a fun mom. Her reply? "Oh, I thought there was a reason behind it." Then my hubby chimed in and said "or because they had to be used up". Ugh. Really?! Stop spilling my beans. Ha. After I took the picture of my plate, my daughter asked if she could have that plate. Really? Even with the kale/spinach? Yep! They both said they liked it but it was a little too salty. No prob. That is easily fixable next time.

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