Friday, March 1, 2013

Bean redemption

March 1, 2013

I finished the rest of the ragu for lunch today. The kiddos decided to eat school lunch today. How can you not when it's green eggs and ham day? Ha. The week long celebration of Dr. Seuss finished today with a fun lunch.

We decided to have some friends over for dinner tonight. Well, kind of over for dinner. Ha. The guys went and picked up dinner from the American Legion's fish fry. Each plate had fish, french fries or macaroni, cole slaw, and a dinner roll. Want to guess how much each plate cost? $4. Our family ate for only $16. Not bad!

We were going to be hanging out for a little while before the guys went to get our dinner so I knew I needed to have snacks. I made a batch of the cookie dough hummus and served it with cinnamon graham crackers. I also made another loaf of sweet potato bread. I wasn't sure if everyone would try it if I told them what it was. So what did I do? I cut it up into bite sized pieces and just set it out on the table. I figured that if it was cut up and in front of them, while everyone sat around talking, the bread would disappear. Score one for me. Remember how my hubby wasn't too thrilled with the taco dip I made out of pink beans? Well, I wanted to redeem myself. I knew that I could get him (along with our friends) to like bean dip. I just had to doctor it up a bit. I put a can of rinsed pink beans and a scoop of sour cream into the food processor. I added a little bit of taco seasoning to it. I wanted to make sure that there was good flavor in the beans itself incase anyone took a bite of just the beans. Next step,  process a block of cream cheese with maybe about 6-8 ounces of sour cream. I added the rest of the taco seasoning to it too. I spread the bean mixture into a pie plate and then topped it with the cream cheese/sour cream mixture. I added some chopped onion. Next I needed to smother it in cheese. If you want a man to eat it, smother it in cheese. First, I covered it with shredded pepper jack cheese. Then I went back around with some shredded mexican cheese. I baked it at 350 for about 15 minutes and then stuck it under the broiler to brown up the cheese. Oh! I almost forgot. I added a little something else to the bean layer. Can you guess? Nutritional yeast. I knew it would hide well in this dish seeing as it has a cheese flavor. So what is the verdict? The boys loved the bean dip. Total redemption for my beans!

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