Saturday, January 26, 2013

Birthday lasagna

January 26, 2013

We started out our day by heading to the sledding hill at our local ski hill for some cub scout sledding in our homemade sleds (out of cardboard and duck tape only!). We were out of the house by 8:30. We got home in time for a quick lunch of leftovers for me and noodles for the kids before we started preparing for my daughter's birthday party.

I made some homemade croutons yesterday. They are so easy to make and use up bread (I always seem to have too much bread). I wanted to try to make most of the food easy for her party seeing as we had morning activities. So I also had prepared another dish yesterday, my daughter's request: cookie dough hummus!

I wanted a salad and decided to take the easy way out. I bought two bags of salad that already had the veggies in it. I got two different kinds in order to get a nice variety of veggies. Next up, my daughter asked for green beans canned from our garden. Easy enough, open a few jars and heat. I also baked up some garlic bread (oops, forgot to take pictures of the bread and beans). I had some cheese, sausage, and crackers. Perfect snack to set out and all that took was some chopping. Main course: lasagna. Ok, so that is where most of my prep time went.

I made two pans. One had local ground beef in the sauce along with a layer of pepperoni. The second pan was meatless. I made my own sauce using up jars of my home canned tomatoes. Yum. I love making lasagna because I always end up with extra sauce. I got three containers to put in the freezer. I had 5 adults and 9 kids at her party. I guess we didn't eat as much as I had thought we would. I sent one container of lasagna home with a friend, and ended up with three for us. It freezes well so there are some nice meals for when I don't feel like cooking.

A birthday party wouldn't be complete without a cake. However, my hubby is the cake maker in our family. Over the years he has made dora the explorer, thomas the train, earth and star, three layered rose cake, and a baseball cake (I'm probably forgetting some too). However, he had to work and wasn't able to be here for the party. So store bought hello kitty it is! Not too bad a meal for about $25 (plus the cake)!

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