Friday, January 25, 2013

Food favorites with a twist

January 25, 2013

My son packed his lunch today. Thanks for saving $2 buddy! My daughter wanted to eat school lunch because they had one of her favorites: shrimp poppers. And it happens to be her birthday so how great is that?!

We are going to a friend's purse party tonight (my daughter's birthday party is tomorrow) and there will be food so I just wanted to make us something small to eat for when they got home from school. I wanted to make sure that my daughter still felt that she had special food for her birthday even though we aren't having a big dinner at home. I decided to take some of her favorite items (ravioli and peanut butter) and to make her some new recipes.  I tried something new instead of simply simmering them. After they had cooked for a few minutes, I dipped them in a mix of italian bread crumbs and freshly grated parmesan cheese. I baked them for about ten minutes at 375 degrees. I served them with a side of homemade pizza sauce.

Next up, you gotta have dessert. I made some homemade ice cream. Ok, so not ice cream in the traditional sense. I found a recipe for ice cream that is just frozen bananas, splash of vanilla, pinch of salt, tablespoon of peanut butter, and a little milk. It isn't overly sweet seeing as there is not any sugar in it so I chopped up a mini chocolate candy bar and tossed that in as well. But once you name it "peanut butter banana chocolate chunk ice cream", who can resist?! Not my kids because they said both new recipes were amazing!

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