Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tips and chips

January 22, 2013

For lunch, I had a bowl of leftover ham soup. I wanted to make a snack for the kids. Ok, I wanted to make a snack for me. Ha. I have been craving the homemade granola bars since I scarfed down the last of them over a week ago. Those bars are more like cookies. So delicious!

Dinner was very easy tonight. I saw a recipe on Pinterest for beef tips and gravy. I had a package of local beef stew meat that I wanted to use. I feel kinda bad because this recipe really isn't the healthiest. The gravy is a can of beef broth, a can of cream of mushroom soup (I used cream of chicken because that is all I had), and an envelope of onion soup mix. I used up the rest of the box of white rice. For our veggie, I made kale chips. Unbelievably, the kale was the first thing gone from my daughter's plate. And she had seconds! The beef was awesome. This may need to become a weekly or bi-weekly meal at our house.

Today I planned out some meals, made my grocery list, and printed out my coupons. Looks like tomorrow is grocery shopping day!

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