Sunday, January 13, 2013

Dinner out (nope, "in") and a movie

January 13, 2013

I wanted a quick and easy lunch for us. The kids picked out the box of spongebob macaroni (remember, my one impulse item for the week). I made a pot of Mrs. Grass soup (chicken noodle soup that I loved growing up) for myself.

We decided to take the vehicles to get washed today (50 degrees in January!!). While we were out, I thought that I would make a compromise with the kids. We would do a night out but have it "in". How is that, you ask? I had a coupon from the kids' school fundraiser for buy one sub sandwich get one free. This would be plenty for us seeing as my hubby could not join us for dinner. Which means, I only paid $6.30 for the three of us to have a fun dinner night "in".

 I told the kids that we could get subs for dinner but that we would only be getting the sandwiches. No kids meals. No bags of chips. No drinks. We would then take them home, set up a picnic in the living room, and watch a movie (free off of Netflix). It actually was a good challenge night. We used up the end of a jar of homemade pickles. Yay, only a billion to go. Ha. We also had the rest of the homemade potato chips. The most labor intensive part of the meal was that I cut up some cantelope and served it with strawberry cream cheese dip.

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