Tuesday, January 15, 2013

When life hands you lemons (chips), make cookies

January 15, 2013

My son started the day off right for us by packing his lunch. Yay boy! He saved us $2. I however, had a splurge day. I went out for lunch with a bunch of friends.

I realized on my way to lunch that I forgot to take anything out for dinner. Hmmmm. I figured that I would figure out something to do with the leftover salmon. After I got back home, I began my recipe hunt. Leftover salmon. Leftover quinoa with corn. No way. There was a recipe for burgers using salmon and quinoa. I altered the recipe a little and came up with our "burgers". I combined the salmon, quinoa with corn, panko bread crumbs, two eggs, and soy sauce. I fried them up in a little olive oil. Uh oh. I don't have hamburger buns. I improvised and used up the hawaiian sweet rolls to make sliders. I topped mine with teriyaki sauce. My son used ketchup (of course). My daughter used soy sauce. What about a side dish? I saw a can of baked beans. Ugh. Baked beans is an item that I always feel that should be on hand but I never feel in the mood to eat. I wasn't sure how well this dinner would go over with the kids so I knew I better have a good dessert to use as bribery.

I had found a recipe on Pinterest for cookies that you put a box of pudding mix into. They were cranberry white chocolate with cheesecake pudding cookies. I did not have white chocolate so we used lemon baking chips. I didn't think that I had cranberries either until I discovered one single serve pack at the back of the cupboard. Score!

The verdict? The kids gave the burgers a rating of "good" and "outstanding". The cookies were rated "amazing" and "out of this world". Ha. I guess today is a win. Tomorrow is grocery shopping day. Here's to hoping we have two win days in a row!

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