Monday, January 7, 2013

tor-"don't tell"-ini (what can you hide in tortellini?)

January 7, 2013

The soup with no name, yesterday's leftovers, was delicious for lunch today. I decided to tackle the laundry room (which has three large cupboards) today. I did some deep cleaning, organizing, and throwing out. I found some items that need to get used up soon.

I found a box mix for raspberry bars. Mmmmmm. I love raspberry. But man, when did I buy that thing? I guess it will get used up today. I also found a random jar of home canned spaghetti sauce from 2011. Yikes, better use that one up before I keep using the 2012's. I also found a jar of my parents' home canned dilly beans. Looks like we'll be giving those a try tonight.

I cooked up some tortellini. I looked in the freezer and saw a half a bag (about one cup) of shredded yellow squash from my garden. Hmmm. I bet I could hide that in the spaghetti sauce. I did that once before during this challenge and the kids didn't notice....until I told them. My son wanted to help out so he made garlic bread out of some hamburger buns. Ugh. Hamburger buns. I grocery shop in only a few days and there are still a bunch of those left. I think I saw one more salmon burger in the freezer so maybe I'll do one for lunch this week. Anyway, I had a small container of freshly grated parmesan cheese from the other day. I sprinkled that on top of the tortellini. Warmed up my parents' dilly beans and we were all set. By the way, the kids never noticed the yellow squash and I never told them. No reason for them to think I'm always going to hide stuff in their food. Ha. The raspberry bars were delicious. Wonder what I'll find in the kitchen cupboards tomorrow??

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