Saturday, November 10, 2012

30 day challenge, day 5

October 22, 2012

Lunch today was one of my favorites and yet it was still "obeying" my challenge. I used up the rest of a box of angel hair pasta and a half of a jar of home canned tomatoes that was in the fridge. Yay! One of my comfort foods from growing up.
When dinner rolled around, I was indecisive. Do I make us eat the leftover chicken/gravy and white rice or beef stew? Ugh. Didn't really feel like leftovers. How about another comfort food that my mom used to make! A box of macaroni and cheese, can of cream of mushroom soup, tuna, and peas. I opened my last bag of home grown peas (but only used half). Topped it with some home grown garlic chives. Yum!

The cream of mushroom soup is an ingredient that I feel I "have" to have on hand, but hardly ever use. Same goes for the tuna. I am officially out of milk now too. Uh oh. The best part is that I convinced the kids to take leftovers for their lunches tomorrow. Ok, so I may have bribed them with a piece of candy. Sue me. Ha!

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