Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hubby's birthday dinner

November 28, 2012

After what feels like eating applesauce, soup, and popsicles forever, my fever is starting to ease up and I finally felt up to attempting to eat a normal dinner. I would have liked to go out to eat seeing as it is my hubby's birthday, but I'm still sick. So we took out some local steak out of the freezer. My daughter didn't want steak so my hubby also cooked up some chicken that was leftover from the pack he opened yesterday (he made a buffalo chicken dip for his dinner). I figured that rice would probably be a good choice for me so I raided my rice a roni stash. The cupboards are getting empty. There is maybe a glass full of milk left. A slice or two of bread. No paper plates (yikes, at my house that is unacceptable). I made a detailed grocery list today so that if I am not feeling better my hubby will be able to shop but stick to the challenge. I'm not sure what day we will be able to get to the store though between him working and me being sick. Poor kids. They probably feel that there is "nothing to eat".

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