Sunday, November 18, 2012

Creative with comfort foods

November 18, 2012

I gave everyone two options for lunch. You can eat leftovers or pick something random from the freezer (corndogs, quesadillas, pizza rolls). I couldn't believe it. Two out of three of us had leftovers (hubby had a sandwich before he headed to work).

I wanted to make a fun snack for the kids this afternoon. I saw a recipe on pinterest. Basically it is rice crispy treats but you make it with cheerios and add peanut butter. I had about 10 marshmallows left in the cupboard (leftover from smore's). I cut the recipe in 1/4 and just made a small portion for today. I used up the bottom of the peanut butter container. I tossed in a handful of butterscotch flavored baking chips. It was a fun snack just using up random stuff I happened to have on hand. My daughter loved them. I think for next time they need more marshmallow to peanut butter ratio though.

I was indecisive about what to make for dinner. Why not continue with the childhood comfort food and make some chili soup. My grandma would make it all the time. I lived across the street from her and some of my fondest memories are walking over for a bowl of her chili soup. Uh oh. How do I make her soup when I am out of tomato sauce?! I was down to one can of tomato paste too. After browning the hamburger (local) with onions and celery, I used a jar of home canned tomatoes, my one last can of paste, and then noticed something in the fridge. I had made a sauce for last night's meatloaf using tomato paste, water, worchestire sauce, brown sugar, and parsley. Hmmmm wonder how that would be in the chili? In it went. I also grabbed a handful of chopped green pepper that I had frozen from my garden. I asked my kids if they wanted it with saltine crackers or my homemade croutons. One opted for saltines and the other asked if we could use my homemade breadcrumbs. Um, sure. Ha.

Lesson learned from today? Take your favorite recipes and don't be afraid to change it up with whatever ingredients you have at home!

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