Monday, November 26, 2012

If you can't stand the heat (fever), get out of the kitchen

November 26, 2012

We did good at lunch. I packed my hubby a beef roast sandwich on a sub roll and some homemade hot pickles to take to work. I was craving noodles for lunch but decided that I should eat up the last piece of the turkey pot pie.

I was going to have my hubby cook something with the leftover roast for dinner but he called and said he had to work past dinner. Ugh. My fever is still 101 and I do not feel like cooking. I told the kids to make a sandwich (yay using up the bread) and to pick a fruit. My son had a peanut butter and jelly with some blackberries. My daughter had a peanut butter sandwich with an orange. I figured that I had to make this meal fun somehow otherwise they would probably be grumpy that dinner was so plain. I got out the cookie cutters again and made them gingerbread men out of their sandwiches. However, I'm not all fun...they did have to eat the scraps too. Ha. I just wanted some comfort food from growing up so I made a pot of Mrs. Grass chicken noodle soup and added a jar of home canned tomatoes. The kids are upset that they had to miss their after school activities since I am sick, but that's nothing some ice cream can't fix. They are making some ice cream sundaes using up some of the ice cream toppings (gummy worms, crushed candies, and sprinkles) that my friend who owns an ice cream shop sent them.

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