Saturday, November 10, 2012

30 day challenge, day 8

October 25, 2012

I went to the commissary for the first time since starting the challenge. I thought it was going to be hard, but it really wasn't too bad. Prior to the challenge, I would spend about$175 each week on groceries, toiletries, cleaners (I averaged my prior four trips). I skipped going last week. Yikes. I figured I would be impulse buying like crazy after feeling deprived.

My total today was.....$96.38. However, A little over $37 of that was toiletries/cleaners and a little over $10 was gossip magazines. My impulse buys totaled $1.41. Unbelieveable!! The food portion of my bill was only $50.76. Also, I found out that my hubby was drinking a ton of monster energy drinks. I saw they are cheaper at the commissary so I bought him a handful of those- seeing as that was an expense that was not in my pre-challenge totals I am not counting that $5. The total for todays trip will be counted as $91.38. Today I saved $83.62.  Adding in the money I saved from skipping shopping last week ($175) and the day the kids took leftovers for lunch to school ($4), so far I have saved $262.62! Not too bad seeing as I still bought the items we really like (chips, ice cream, and who can live without gossip magazines!).

My husband should be getting home today after being gone all week. So I am going to do my post now so that I won't have to do it later once he is home. My plans for dinner: Ham steak. I was going to make homemade scallop potatoes but after I looked in the cupboard I saw I had a box of them. Ugh. Really don't want to use boxed potatoes (must have been another impulse buy) but gonna use 'em up. What veggie? I have a couple jars of my sister's homemade creamed corn. Perfect. Think I will make some homemade potato salad just to have on hand.

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